Thanks to CDTI, we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive artificial intelligence algorithm that allows us to gather, normalize, and classify information from heterogeneous sources about knowledge and skills of Xperts candidates, using techniques such as machine learning among others.

Aims to provide open and balanced access to experts through an intelligent technological solution that streamlines project management and human resources administration transparently and securely.

The primary goal is to serve as a platform for hiring independent professionals based on artificial intelligence, facilitating remote onboarding and matching companies with the right professionals for their job openings while ensuring the most suitable relationship. This approach aims to eliminate biases by leveraging blockchain to record all information, ensuring maximum reliability and transparency in the selection process.

The technological challenge of XPERTOPOLIS lies in ensuring that experts’ performance, experience, knowledge, and skills match the specific project needs of companies. By focusing solely on these essential factors in a work relationship, the selection and matching process can be conducted anonymously, eliminating biases or factors that may hinder trust or equality of opportunities in the market. AI-based recommendation models will facilitate the most suitable matches between workers and companies. Blockchain technology will verify and ensure the reliability of these processes, bringing transparency to candidate selection and matching.

This project combines the latest in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to certify workers’ experience, knowledge, and demonstrable skills objectively, avoiding subjective criteria that could distort results and promoting a truly equal job market. Blockchain will ensure the security, integrity, and reliability of information for project operations and platform payments. AI will enable efficient task execution for clients and experts alike. XPERTOPOLIS aims to contribute to a fairer and more balanced work model.